One of the greatest shames one can endure is not having the gumption to stand up for what one believes and this moment of weakness leading to an unfortunate event. I wonder how Herod felt the next day after having ordered the decapitation of John the Baptist? Herod is clearly a man who is worried about what others may think of him, to the point that he is not even capable of standing up for the truth. And, it is not as if he did not know what the truth is, he is clearly aware that John is a good man and that he has no reason to have killed!


Hopefully your and my moments of weakness do not have such drastic consequences as this. However, there is no guarantee what the consequences of any given failure to stand for the truth might be. The only way we can be sure that we are not responsible for any of these unfortunate circumstances is to be courageous enough to stand for the truth even though there may be a cost in doing that for us as individuals.


Another message of this story is the where resentment can lead. Herod’s wife, previously the wife of Herod’s brother is angry (probably an understatement), because John has had the guts to tell them that their marriage is immoral. She wants revenge because she has allowed resentment to fester in her heart against John the Baptist. Resentment does not always end in murder but the lesson here is that any small sin can eventually grow into something big and out of our control.


The simplest solution to this problem is to learn to forgive, or in the case of the wife of Herod, recognize the truth of the challenge that has been made to her morality and address it, before anything gets out of control. If Herodias’ had of done that the rest of the sequence of events would not have resulted in John the Baptist having his head cut off, a vastly superior state of affairs to the one that did transpire.


Jesus, help me to embarce the truth in my life even though at times I know it will be painful. I want to grow in holiness. Help me to pay the price discipleship demands when it comes to ridding my life of sin