Acts 11: 21b-26; 13: 1-3 Barnabas was a key figure in the early Church being the one who really vouches for and introduces Paul to the apostles. Who knows whether Paul would have gained the credibility he did without the friendship of Barnabas. Yet it seems that the two eventually had a falling out and parted ways! This just goes to show that no one is immunes to the sin of division.

Holy Spirit, may I always work for unity in the proclamation of the Gospel. Help me to concentrate on this as a united witness is always going to be more powerful than a divided one.

Jn 21:20-25 It is each of our roles to testify to the truth of the Gospel through the way we live and in the words we speak. Barnabas was known for the way he encouraged others in their faith. Let us learn to support and encourage one another as well. Let us also be open to being encouraged and humble enough to accept the support and affirmation others may give us.

Holy Spirit, all glory belongs to you! However, a little affirmation goes a long way in encouraging others to persevere in their service of the Gospel. May I have the grace to encourage others in the Christian journeys.