Heb 3: 7-14 We should be on guard against wickedness and evil that springs up in our minds. We must guard our thoughts against all sorts of sin. Most sin, if not all of it, begins with thoughts. If we can keep our minds under the control of the Holy Spirit we will go a long way towards becoming holy.

Jesus, grant me the grace that every thought I think and word I speak will be captive to the truth and to your Holy Spirit.

Ps 95: 6-7c. 8-9. 10-11

Mk 1: 40-45 Let us never doubt the capacity and power of God to heal. Let us always believe in his goodness towards us even in the midst of trial and suffering as it is then that he is closest to us. Let us pray for the grace to be submissive to his will as we will only then discover what it truly means to be his disciple, and in walking in his ways, the wonders of relationship with him.

Father, thank you for the gift of your love and mercy. Help me to live according to them at all times so that my life will become a pure offering to you.