5: 9-12 The life of a prophet is never easy. He or she is called to proclaim the truth of the Gospel no matter what reception they may receive in the world. Read through the books of the prophets in the Old Testament. You will clearly see that their lives were often difficult and full of suffering. We are all called to be prophets; actually, at Baptism we were all anointed as prophets! Let us never be afraid to speak the truth of the Gospel, no matter how unpopular or popular it may be.

Jesus, grant me a love for the truth that allows me to be bold in speaking it whenever it is necessary. Help me to remain faithful to the truth at all times.

Mk 10: 1-12 Marriage, if it is to mean anything, has to be a special sort of relationship. Because children are involved it is appropriate that marriage have an enduring quality. Marriage is not just another thing we get, consume and then throw away when we tire of it. Marriage is meant to endure. It is the bedrock foundation of society. Without marriage as traditionally understood society as we know we need it is impossible.

Jesus, help me to respect and support the institution of marriage in all that I say or do. In a world that wants to redefine what marriage is, let me stand form in the truth of what it is in your eyes.