Jesus never shied away from speaking the truth. It did not concern Jesus whether or not he thought people were going to like what he had to say – he simply spoke the truth and asked all of the uncomfortable questions that most of us are too scared to confront in our own lives, let alone challenge others to answer them as well! This raises the question of the role of truth in our lives.


Are there ever times when we do not have the responsibility to tell the truth? Probably, yes, but they are very few and most people probably will not have to face such a dilemma. The issue here is whether or not the person asking the question has a right to know the truth. If someone is asking you to betray the whereabouts of someone who once found will be executed without the benefit of a trial, and you know that person to be innocent, then you have no responsibility to inform the pursuer of the location of the one being pursued. As you can see from the example, it will not be a commonplace experience in our lives. Yes, there may be examples that have similar dynamics, but again, they will be few and far between.


Other than the above sorts of situations, each of us has a responsibility and duty to live by the truth and to honor the truth in all that we do or say. Obviously we can breach this responsibility in both minor and serious ways. However, we cannot take any breach too lightly as developing a pattern of, for example, telling white lies for whatever reason one may have to do so, brings us a little closer to the telling of more serious lies and then even more serious lies and so on.


In John 8:32 we are told that it is the truth that will set us free. Let us reflect upon this Scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to imprint it on our hearts and minds so that we will understand the power of proclaiming and speaking the truth. Let us never take either the truth for granted. Let us seek to uphold it at all times.


How strongly am I committed to living and proclaiming the truth every opportunity I get?


Holy Spirit, help me to live the truth of the Gospel in every aspect of my life and help me to never lose sight of my responsibility in this regard.