SPEAK TO OUR HEART        Hos. 2:16,17-18, 21-22

Hosea’s ministry of prophecy expanded over 30 years. He preached to the people of the Northern kingdom of Israel during a very stormy and tumultuous era, unstable politically and religiously. The threat of Assyria (a powerful military and wealthy nation) was imminent, people were turning away from God in unfaithfulness and society on a whole was on the verge of collapse and ruin. Hosea was dealing with his own familial affairs,  that symbolized incredible prophetic insight for the relationship between Israel and her God.

God speaks through the prophet in the midst of these trials and difficulties. He desires to allure, to entice, seduce, attract, to persuade the hearts and lives of the Israelites to Himself.  They will be led into the desert (exile) where God will speak to his Beloved. As in those days of Moses wandering in the desert, when God spoke to his people, guiding them and leading them, he desires again to manifest his concern. There in the desert, in the dry and desolate place, God will communicate life, consolation and compassion for his people.  The desert is that place where God speaks in quiet and solitude.

The God of Hosea is a God of tenderness and faithfulness. The hesed (Hebrew: unfailing love/loving kindness) of God describes the love of God as compassionate and faithful. As a man takes his bride whom he loves, cherishes and protects, so too God desires to espouse Israel as his Bride. The people have espoused themselves to Baal (the pagan god of agriculture and fertility – meaning “lord”, “master”) exchanged the truth of God with a lie and surrendered themselves to false gods who cannot save them. The unconditional love and tenderness of God will heal them and save them from deception and falsehood.

It is in the desert that God speaks to his people. Perhaps you are in that desert wandering aimlessly and seeking God. He is with you. He will speak to you of his tenderness and fidelity. Perhaps you too like Israel of old have given into false understandings, sinful behavior, ignoring and rejecting the righteousness of God.
Let God espouse you to Himself again. You are his Beloved. Give yourself to Him who knows you and understands you. Do not allow yourselves succumb to the prince of darkness and deception, but submit to the Lord of loving kindness and truth

Lord, thank you for your love and faithfulness that excel all I ever knew of you. I want to rest in your love. I thank you Father that you call me “Beloved”. I belong to you, you are my God. Amen