A seed, no matter how small, is extremely powerful. All it takes is for a seed to fall into a crack within a large rockĀ  or a block of concrete and eventually the seed will grow and crack the rock open.

All of us are like blocks of concrete. Our hearts are so hard or indifferent that the love of God normally doesn’t penetrate. Yet within our hard hearts, there are many small cracks: areas where pain or fear create an opening. If a word of love or hope is carefully placed into one of these ‘cracks’ in the surface of our life, it will grow, and take root, and eventually break open our hardened hearts.

This is a very simple image of evangelisation. When you encounter another person, you are looking at a block of concrete. Throwing seeds at the person is only going to make them more hardened to the gospel. Your task is to actually move closer to them, looking closely at that block of concrete (their life) until you find a small crack in the surface. This process could take minutes, or it could take years. But it is time well spent. As soon as you find an opening, you simply have to place an appropriate seed. If the crack in the person’s life is fear, place hope. If it is rejection, place respect.

Once the appropriate word or action has been planted, you can walk away and leave the rest up to God. Pray, and trust that the Spirit of God will do the rest of the work to break open this person’s heart to the mystery of love.