It is not a matter of being anti reason; it is simply the truth that sometimes the only way ahead is to choose to have faith and let some of the questions that arise in our minds and hearts be, without having to have an answer to them all. This section of the Letter to the Hebrews is very aptly placed at the end of our reflection upon the proto-historical section of the Book of Genesis as it serves to remind us of the central role of faith in our lives when it comes to our seeking to understand many of the more profound aspects of human existence.


Our author lists a number of the key players in the proto-historical drama and situates them in the context of faith as a reminder to us to never forget that we are a people of faith on a journey seeking the truth of these matters. If we divorce our search for truth from our faith we are certain to end up with the wrong conclusions. This path is one that is all too evident in the secular understanding of life that is permeating twenty first century society. The world would be wise to reconsider the basis upon which it is seeking to address its problems as if it fails to do so, I am sure the end result will be failure as well!


Faith is at the heart of our Christian being and without it we are dead to the Spirit. Yes, there is a sort of half existence without faith but it is empty and devoid of ultimate fulfillment. It is a very sorry reflection on life to consider arriving at a meeting with God face to face without any faith. Some may counter that they do not believe in God; well, I will counter that with “Why not?” For me the overwhelming evidence points to God’s existence and as such we would be fools not consider and act upon this evidence. Without God what meaning is there to our lives? The consequences of there not being a God are too horrific for me to consider.


What part does faith play in my life? Is it a central role or have I relegated my faith to being a part-time player in the drama of my life?


Lord Jesus, you became a man so that you could redeem us from our sins. You are a God who is active in our lives. Thank you for this and help me to live accordingly.