The Gospel today presents us an example of the old dictum, “small is beautiful.” The interesting thing about the story of the widow’s mite is that, in one sense, the widow’s offering is the largest of all given! As a percentage of her disposable income her offering is obviously the greatest. She gave all that she had to live on! What lessons does this parable have for each of us?

The widow’s trust in God’s providence is an inspiration to say the least. Many of the saints of the Church have followed in her footsteps. This is not to say that we have to give everything away in order to accept the Gospel into our lives. It does suggest, however, that if we have not done that, then maybe we have to look at questions of trust in our lives. Do we really entrust our lives to the Lord’s providential care or do we tend to be self-sufficient. The essence of salvation is to be found in entrusting our lives into the hands of Jesus so that our sins can be forgiven. We all want that and are probably willing to humble ourselves to accept it. However, are we also willing to surrender all to God’s will and follow His directions for our lives?

It is easy to give away money or things that we do not need. It is well nigh impossible to let go of our dearest possessions or things we think we are going to need. By the grace of God, however, all things are possible. We do not necessarily have to give up all our possessions but we do have to develop a spirit of detachment from them. This is not an easy thing to develop, as it is much easier to cling to something we can see and touch than a sometimes seemingly ethereal promise of blessings in the life to come.

Perhaps we should read more of the lives of the saints and try to draw inspiration from their lives? Perhaps we just have to pray for the grace of God to help us let go of the people, ideas and things to which we have grown attached? We have to learn to let go and live without someone who has died. It is also possible to develop the same sort of detachment from things and people while we are still living! This is not to say that we have to isolate ourselves in this life, just that we need to remember that the most important relationship that we have is our friendship with God.

How attached am I to specific elements of my life? Am I willing to let everything go for the sake of the Kingdom of God?

Lord Jesus, you praised the generosity of the widow and presented her to us as an example for all to follow. Help me to let go of any obsessions in my life so that I can be freer to follow you and be of service to the Gospel.