In every church or Christian community, there is always one person who sings off-key. And more often than not, this is also the person who sings the loudest. Unless you have already reached the highest levels of sanctity, it will be natural to be distracted by this discordant singing. However, there is a good chance that the more you focus on the tone-deaf singer, the more your own singing will go off-key. If multiple people in the room start focusing on this sound, the whole room will start to lose the note.

While we hope that God doesn’t mind whether our singing is in tune, there is a lesson to be learnt in this. Many people live their lives ‘out of tune’ with the Gospel. As Christians, we can often become obsessed with the fact that these people are not living correctly. But the more that we focus on the poor example, the more we forget what the correct tune is meant to be. In fact, the more we talk about all of the bad stuff, we inadvertently help to promote this negative culture.

It might be a lot more effective if we just got on with living life the way that it should be lived, and tried living that life loudly. The more that Christians live the beauty of the gospel, and let their lives proclaim this beauty as loudly as they can, we might just find that it reminds the rest of the world what the original tune was meant to be.