It is easy to think or say that we are going to avoid sin in the future. It is a much more difficult ask to live up to that commitment! Peter is an impetuous man who seems to like to think that he is in control of his own life. How little he understands of the nature of temptation! I also happen to think that we tend to be like Peter in that we do not give the power of sin and temptation its due respect. I am not saying that we need to exalt it but as wise people say, one of the first battles a person has to win in a war id identifying where the greatest danger lies.

In the spiritual life one of the greatest dangers is over-confidence in one’s ability to combat the powers of sin on one’s own. We may gain a few victories but eventually sin will get a foot in the door so to speak and disaster will strike. The best defense against the power of sin is humility! By humility I specifically mean being willing to admit that we need the help of the Holy Spirit in order to combat the powers of sin and temptation. There is nothing wrong or weak in this; it is simply the truth and the sooner we recognize it as such the sooner we will be putting sin to death in our lives.

Today’s Gospel presents us with two sinners and their sins, Judas and Peter, betrayer and denier of Jesus respectively. The difference is Judas despaired and eventually takes his own life (Acts 1). Peter repents and recommits himself to following Jesus (Jn 21). Sin in our lives can be put to death at two different stages of its life. The first is by simply denying the temptation and never allowing it in. The second is through repentance and conversion of heart. I am sure we will all exercise both these options many times in our lives. Let us pray that we will have the grace and humility to do better each day as we seek to follow Jesus wherever he may lead us.

Do I tend to easily give in to temptation and thus sin? How can I better recognize temptation as it comes to life in my life so that I can better cut it out before it gets its tentacles around me.