Many of the stories we find in the Scriptures are repeated over and over again in real life. This is probably because most if not all of them come from real life in the first place! In the First Reading we find ourselves caught up in a story about greed. If we stop to reflect upon it the first question that comes to my mind is why do Ahab and Jezebel need Naboth’s vineyard in the first place? They do not. They are wealthy enough as it is. And thus we are confronted face on with the sin of greed and its acquisitive nature. Greedy people do not need the things they covet; they just want them seemingly for the sake of wanting them.

How do we keep greed in check in our lives? The first thing we have to do is try to live simply and not allow acquisitiveness to become a part of our lives. Once we place ourselves on the never-ending treadmill of having to have this or that simply because the person next door has it, we will eventually be consumed by the need to have for no real purpose or reason, which is greed.

There is a big problem with obesity in our world today, particularly among the affluent. Are we afraid that the food is about to run out and so we stock up on a bit extra each time we eat? Or is it simply that we enjoy eating and do not choose to exercise the discipline of self-control. I think it is probably the latter and so we have no one to blame but ourselves! If we want to, we can choose to limit our food intake, and the same goes for our consumption of any of the world’s goods, electronic gadgets, clothes and so on. We need to remember that everything we consume is something that is denied to another person in the sense that we cannot eat the same sandwich twice. If some of us are being greedy, then it follows that we are probably depriving others of the things they may need just to live a dignified life..

How can I limit the goods that I consume or use in my life in order to simplify it and also to make what I do not use available to others.

Jesus, grant me a generous heart that I may share with others the things I have and thus improve their way of life.