1 Kgs 21:1-16 This story illustrates one of the things I find every difficult to understand about the heart of mankind, namely why a person who already has so much wants to take what little a poor person has for him or her self! It would seem to me that there will be very little or no defense for such an action on Judgment Day. The response of Zacchaeus would seem to be the most appropriate one to me. There must be a change of heart before such a person could consider knocking on the door of heaven let alone entering.

Jesus, I know the Church teaches that I should do reparation for my sins wherever possible. Show me what I must do to fulfill this requirement in repenting of my sins.

Mt 5:38-42      We should never repay evil with evil or fight evil with evil. This is the fundamental message of today’s Gospel. Whatever we do in responding to the ways in which others treat us, let us make sure that our response is guided by Gospel principles. In this way and in this way alone will we be following the example of Jesus and the saints. We are not perfect yet but this should not stop us from striving for perfection.

Jesus, you have set a high standard for us to follow as your disciples. Grant me the grace to take up the challenge and to do my best to embrace it.