19: 1-2. 17-18 Holiness of life is the goal for all Christians. What does it mean to be holy? It means to live in imitation of Jesus. This is why it is so important to have a strong and committed prayer life, reading the Scriptures as often as we can. This is how we get to know who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. Without it, left to our own devices, we will struggle to understand what it means to live according to his example.

 Jesus, help me to be committed to daily prayer and reading of the Scriptures. No matter how difficult it may be for me, help me to set time aside each day for this.

 1 Cor 3: 16-23 That we are all Temples of the Holy Spirit or Temples of God is an incredible reality that we should reflect upon often. I am sure all of our parents have told us at one time or another to respect the fact that we are in a Church and act accordingly. Think about it! Christ dwells in us and we are his Temple! This truth, if nothing else ought to inspire us to live holy lives out of respect to him, living within us and guiding us on our way of life.

 Jesus, help me to embrace the truth that you are living within me and thus you never abandon me. Help me to learn to love with the impartiality you demonstrated in your life and ministry.

 Mt 5: 38-48 The Gospel is really a challenge to live in its fullest expression. I have always believed if you are going to embrace something then you may as well do it properly and embrace the fullness of it and not just bits and pieces as they are convenient. What I mean is that we should not ‘pick and choose’ what we like about the call God has on our lives but embrace it in its entirety. The degree to which we can embrace this principle is the degree to which we will become saints!

 Jesus, help me to become a saint! Help me to be as uncompromising about living the truth as they all were. Help me to follow your will without exceptions in my life.