1 Tm 3: 1-13 Mark of the characteristics that Paul lists against the leaders you know and against yourself if you desire to grow into a leadership position! It is a tremendous challenge to be a leader; there are always difficulties that have to be overcome. It is not for the fainthearted! Being a leader of virtually any organization is going to tax the resourcefulness of us all!


Jesus, I trust that you grant the necessary gifts to all you call into leadership; help all our leaders, religious and civil to draw from your generosity and grace.


Lk 7: 11-17 If this widow was to lose her only son to death then it is virtually assured that her life will be barely worth living as she will struggle to be able to live with dignity. Her only source of sustenance will be gone if her son dies. This explains her level of worry. Jesus know this and has mercy on her. The son of the widow lives! Jesus does not always intervene so directly in our lives but we can be sure that he is aware of our struggles and walks with us in them.


Holy Spirit, help me to deepen in my faith and so trust more fully in the promise of Jesus that he will never abandon us.