Ex 32: 7-11. 13-14 Moses, similar to Abraham, pleads for the welfare of the people after they have grievously sinned. The Lord relents and does not destroy the people, however, they are condemned to forty years of fruitless wandering in the desert before reaching the Promised Land. Let us learn from this story that it will never help us to stray from the path of God. Even if it is difficult is far better than any of the alternatives!


Jesus, help me to have a certain pragmatism regarding following your will – namely, that it is undoubtedly the best possible path to follow and so it is not worth straying from it.


1 Tm 1: 12-17 Paul is very frank with his followers. He is willing to admit his ignorance of the truth of the Gospel before he experienced it in his life. There is something freeing about telling the truth. I remember one occasion in my life where I had lied and one lie led to another and so on until I could no longer remember the truth anymore! It is better to deal with the truth from the beginning rather than muddying the waters and then having to rediscover it!


Holy Spirit, make me someone who loves the truth with such passion that I will never consider lying let alone actually doing it!


Lk 15: 1-32 We have all probably experienced that moment of rejoicing when we found something precious that had been lost for a while. There is a certain exhilaration in your heart as you realize that everything is back to normal now. If this occurs with silly little material things, how much more do we think it would be in the heart of God when a sinner repents?


Jesus, never allow me to become comfortable with the sin in my life. Afflict my comfortability until I repent of the sin in the Sacrament of Confession.