1 Pt 1: 18-25   Peter reminds us that there was a ransom  paid for us to free us from sin. It was  Christ’s life that was given for this person. This image of ransom to help understand the work of salvation helps to some degree but we must remember that all images fall short of the full truth of the matter. In this case the image does not provide an answer to the question, “Who was paid?” God is certainly not paying the devil; he has no need to pay himself and it does not make sense to pay us!


Jesus, yes you have ransomed me from the powers of sin and death and I thank you for doing that. Help me to live in the freedom you have won for me.


Mk 10: 32-45 Seeking places of honour in the Kingdom of God is anathema to Jesus. James and John, or at least their mother, ought to have known this! However, what can you do with a mother’s aspiration for greatness for her children? Let us learn form this story the need to be humble if we are going to proceed upon the spiritual life of holiness. That we are on the way to heaven will be sufficient for us; we do not to aspire to particular places at the Feast of eternal Life.


Holy Spirit, remind me of my need to grow in humility so that I will begin to do something concrete about growing in this grace.