We all become susceptible to the people and things we love. Sometimes we even do crazy things in order to pursue them. It is here that we need to be careful! It can be quite easy for us to make decisions that we might later regret if we do not manage our desires well. St Paul tells us that the greatest treasure we all have is the knowledge and experience of the Gospel. Our greatest treasure is our relationship with Christ and we need to make decisions that reflect this truth.


Sometimes it can take quite a bit of reflection and thought to order our desires well. The many pressures of the world and all the other influences we experience from friends and society can be quite easy to succumb to if we do not keep them in their correct place. This is where prayer comes in!


Prayer is the heart of our relationship with Jesus. Ceasing to pray will do to our relationship with Jesus what a silent heart does to a body – it kills it! Our relationship with Christ is a living reality that requires regular time and effort, just like any other relationship we have. A good dog owner will find time to walk or exercise his or her dog everyday; a good disciple of Jesus will find time to pray and listen to the word of God everyday! It is a very simple formula but it is one that people seem to find quite a bit of difficulty keeping it!


I am reminded of all the treasure hunters in the books of my childhood. There was one thing they all had in common – they never gave up! They were persistent in trying to attain their goal – finding the treasure. This is the way we have to become in our relationship with Jesus – never giving up – always persevering even if the times are difficult. A day away from prayer is one step away from two days away from prayer and very quickly our relationship with God gets crowded out of our lives. Let us never allow this to happen to us.


Am I faithful to prayer every day? How easily do I let go of praying every day? Do I need to recommit myself to daily prayer, even if it is only a short prayer time?


Holy Spirit, help me to realize the importance of prayer for my life so that I will give it the necessary priority among all things I have to do every day.