Is 40: 1-5. 9-11 We like to think that it is somebody else’s responsibility to ensure that a particular job gets done, and not our own. This is not the case when it comes to proclaiming the Gospel. Yes, certain aspects of the proclamation of the Gospel may belong to certain people but we are ALL called to be ministers of the Gospel and witnesses to the fact that the Gospel contains a power for the transformation of our lives for the good.

Jesus, help me to own my part in the work of the Church’s mission. Show me how I can serve in my parish and the various communities to which I belong.

2 Pet 3:8-14 It is difficult for us to comprehend how God can see all things no matter when they are occurring. This is part of his omniscience. That God knows how things will turn out does not negate our freewill; if anything, it serves to further help us realize the depths of his mercy and love for us. God always chooses to love us even when we err and sin; even when he knows what the results of our sin will be! If only we could all be more like him in this!

Jesus, teach me how to love as you love all men and women. Help me to look to the positive and beautiful in a person’s life rather than the imperfect and ugly.

Mk 1: 1-8 We are all called to prepare the way for the Lord to come, only this time it will be his Second Coming and not his first, as it was for John the Baptist. This is both a responsibility and a privilege; it is hard work and an experience of grace; it is both a joy and an experience of trial and tribulations. This is the nature of life as we experience in a world mingled with sin and suffering. But there is a place where all evil has been cast aside and where joy and love reign supreme – this is the place we are all heading towards – heaven.

Jesus, help me keep my eyes fixed on you and the promise of eternal life with you. With this focus I know that nothing will be impossible for me accompanied by your grace and power.