Bar 5: 1-9 Israel and its people are to Christianity as John the Baptist is to Jesus. The revelation God brings to Israel can be seen as a preparation for the life of the Church. In a certain sense the grace of being the People of God is now held by Christians as we are the ones who carry forth the word of the Gospel (Good News) to the world and it is offered to all and not just a selct few this time.

As Christians, followers of Christ, we bear the Gospel to the world. This is both a privilege and a responsibility. We need to be reminded of both often so that we don forget to live the Gospel and thus witness to the gift of salvation on offer to the whole world.

Phil 1: 4-6. 8-11 Paul also insists that Christians should be united in giving witness to the Good News of salvation. The division between Christian denominations is a scandal that damages the proclamation of the Gospel from the outset! What can you or I do about this division. Practically speaking we can do very little at the macro level, however, at the micro level there is nothing to stop us praying for God’s will of unity to become reality among all Christians.

Lord Jesus, unity among all Christians may be a long way off, but this is not going to stop me from praying for it! Help me to do all I can to bring greater unity among Christians.

Lk 3: 1-6 We should not expect to change the face of evangelization by ourselves. What is important is that we do what we can to aid the work of the Gospel. It is like building a road: some people dynamite the obstacles to level them; others smooth the road path; others prepare the foundation and lay it; others lay the final surface and finally others clean up and do the landscaping. It takes many to proclaim the fullness of the Gospel. Let us be content doing our bit.