When Jesus rose from the dead a new reign of victory over sin and death was ushered into our lives. Previous to the salvific work of Jesus, Satan and death held the world captive to a certain degree in that they reigned unchallenged over the world and its inhabitants. Thanks be to the grace of God we do not have to submit ourselves to such rule any more! The victory of Jesus marks a turning point in the history of the world because it means that we have the opportunity to know and experience in our lives the definitive victory of Jesus over sin and death.

Jesus tells us that Satan has no power over Him (Jn 14:30). The specific reason that Satan has no power over is that Jesus has not given it to him in the first place! What I mean by this is that Satan has power in our lives to the degree that we give it to him by welcoming sin and temptation into our lives. Jesus is free of his influence because He did not sin.

Thus we can see that it all comes down to the choices that we make once again! There is nothing that compels us to sin. Yes, there may be an inclination to sin within us (concupiscence); however, this is not enough to cause us to choose sin in a formal sense. The gift of grace at Baptism allows us to overcome this inclination towards sin by empowering us to become disciples of Jesus. We are no longer held captive to the bondage of sin but are set free to take up our full inheritance as the children of God that we were originally created to be. Sin snatches us away from the love of God our Creator and hold us captive in the tentacles of Satan.

The Good News is that this no longer has to be the case if you do not want it to be so. Jesus willingly shares with us His victory over sin and death. We can receive this power through faith and we celebrate it in the Sacraments of the Church.

Is my life captive to any other power than the love of God offered to me in Christ Jesus? If I am captive to sin in any way, what am I going to do about it?

Father in Heaven, you did not want me to be held captive to sin in my life and so you sent Jesus to destroy sin and death through His cross. Help me to embrace the victory over sin that He offers me and to live it to the full every day of my life.