1 Kgs 17: 7-16 The widow’s generosity is both understandable and amazing. Understandable in that she has so little what does it really matter if she shares it with a stranger? Amazing in that she is willing to share the little she has to sustain her and her son’s life. In this we see the nature of faith – faith that God is with her and whatever happens is in the hands of God. Let us pray for a similar depth of faith in our own lives.

Jesus, grant me the gift of faith so that I may cultivate it through my relationship with you each day in prayer and service of the Gospel. Help me to trust that you are in control of my life.

Mt 5: 13-16 Spices, especially salt, are used in cooking to both hide unwanted flavors or tastes and enhance those that are desired. The same is true of faith in our Christian journeys. Faith is there to draw out the graces of the Spirit and make them more manifest to the world so that many will believe in the Gospel. Let us always seek to enhance our faith by strengthening it in prayer and through reading the Scriptures and the lives of the saints.

Jesus, there is nothing more important to me than following your will. Help me to avoid any distractions that may cause me to miss something you want me to do for you.