“Love” is probably one of the most over-used words in our language today. It refers to all sorts of things ranging from our love for food and other inanimate objects to the feelings we have for others and it is also used in place of the words ‘sexual intercourse ‘ to designate the sexual act between a man and woman. This makes it very difficult for us to really know what we mean when we use the word! I think that this fact contributes to the ambiguity with which we approach our understanding of God’s love for His people and the love that He requires in return and towards others in our lives.

It is a tremendous challenge to be true to the Christian calling to love one another as God has loved us. Whatever angle we try to analyze the Love that God has for us we are led to the conclusion that His love for us is almost impossible to imitate! He created us out of love; He redeemed us out of love; The Father sent the Son to die for us out of love; Jesus died on the cross out of love for the Father and us. How well do you and I imitate the wonders of this love? If we are truthful the answer is probably something like: imperfectly at best!

On the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus let us reflect upon the depth and nature of God’s love for us and try to look at the way we express love in our own lives. Is our expression of love a true reflection of God’s love for us? Is the way that we use the word “love” true to its meaning as a commitment of one person to another. Perhaps we should rethink the way that we use the word in order to help ourselves live its truth more faithfully?

I do not think that there is any simple answer or solution to the challenge to imitate the love of God in our love for others. We simply have to be committed to the level necessary to the justice to the example that God sets before us in His own life and that of His Son, Jesus. In everything that we do we can always try to ensure that we are acting out of love; acting out of a commitment that we have to the welfare the others involved in our act. At leas this would be a starting point!

How can I better reflect the nature of God’s love for me in the way that I love others in my life?

Lord Jesus, you demonstrated the depths of your love for me when you died on the cross for my sins. Help me to understand your love more fully so that I will be better able to learn to love others in the same way. Help me to learn that to love means to be committed to the welfare others often over and above my own welfare.