The parable of the rich man feasting while the poor man lies starving at his gate presents a stark reminder to us about the need to respond to the grace of whenever we have the opportunity to do so. There are very few things more wasteful than an offer of grace missed in the life of a follower of Jesus.

The rich man was surely aware of the plight of the man at his gate, and probably many others as well as this one man. However, he fails to do anything to alleviate the [plight of his less fortunate brothers and sisters. This is a big mistake as now is the moment of grace in his life – there is not going to be another opportunity as he is about to die! We may think that we have many years still in front of us, but in actual fact, none of us knows exactly when the Lord is going to call us home. I do know, however, that I want to be properly prepared when He does call me to himself. I am sure you desire this as well.

There is always something that we can give to another person – even if it is only the patience to sit and listen to them when they need someone with whom to talk. There are probably many opportunities every day that we could follow up in this regard. It is important for our eternal salvation that we act upon them and allow ourselves to be moved by the Spirit to minister to those whom we are able to minister.

It is important that we be willing to die to our own needs and desires and open ourselves up to the guidance of eth Holy Spirit in order to take hold of such opportunities when they arise. Yes, sometimes it is we who are the ones who need ministering to, but this does not mean that we should always be looking for this. When we give of ourselves in ministry I believe that God more than equally blesses us with His ministry in the Spirit.

Do I tend to seek to be ministered to by others or do I tend to seek to see what I can share with those in greater need? Have I experienced the truth of the saying that it is better to give than to receive?

Lord Jesus, you drew strength from those around you and your relationship with your Father in order to be available to others when they needed your assistance. Open my heart to the grace of your Spirit so that I will be more willing to share the gifts I have with others.