RESCUE ME O’ GOD                Jer. 15.10, 16-21

Jeremiah has some startling “confessions”. He makes known to the Lord his struggles and hardships in this prophetic ministry. Similar to Augustine, Jeremiah’s confessions reveal to the Lord the personality and attitude of heart. There are six “confessions” outlined in the book of Jeremiah. They make good reading since it is through these that we catch a glimpse of the stark and often humorous ‘secrets’ of the prophet.

Jeremiah is having one of those days. I think you know what I mean! No one wants to listen to him; he is ignored by the civil and religious authorities of the day. His enemies have had enough of his “groaning”. No one is interested in what he has to say, he has become the laughing stock of the community. Sound familiar!?

Jeremiah calls out to the Lord. He is in a desperate and hopeless situation. There is strife and contention all around him. However Jeremiah confesses that he has not been involved with matters to evoke dispute or difference of opinions. He is just doing what the Lord is telling g him to do. His list goes on. Lord, I have been obedient to you. Lord, I love your law. Lord, I love the way of righteousness. Lord, I do not entertain evil deeds or sit in the company of evil doers. Lord, Lord, Lord!!! Why is this happening to me? Why are people so mean? Why do people curse me? Why am I in strife all across the land? Why is my pain continuous? Why are my wounds incurable? Why, Why, Why?

The first part of the passage has Jeremiah confessing to the Lord.  This is followed by the Lord’s response.  The Lord God calls the prophet to repentance – so that Jeremiah might be restored. Jeremiah is restless and the Lord wants to give him rest. Jeremiah has fallen under the weight of shame, guilt, and burden of his office. The Lord will make him stand again. As Jeremiah comes into the presence of God he can stand again. The Lord calls him to have courage. He is on the side of Jeremiah. Jeremiah is called to be obedient and faithful, God will endeavor to do the rest.

There are many things that can come against us at times.  Sometimes we cry out to the Lord and ask him why. The Lord sees our good, it does not go unnoticed. The Lord understands our pleadings and sees the hardships we encounter. The Lord is present, he is not far, though it may seem this way. As Jeremiah came into the presence of the Lord and was able to stand, so we are called to stand in the presence of the Lord who is our freedom, rescuer and deliverer. St Paul reminds us that if God is for us (that is, God is on our side), who can be against us? Nothing can separate us from the love of God made manifest in Christ. God speaks of freedom, deliverance, and endurance.

What are those struggles in my life at the moment? Where am I finding it difficult to hope in the Lord and his promises? Have I come into his presence seeking his mercy and help?

God, you are my refuge and strength. Help me on the day of my distress. Let me know your saving power that delivers, rescues and  brings me freedom