REMEMBER THE LOVE OF GOD        Jer.2.1-3, 7-8, 12-13

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Perhaps some of you have married that first love. You probably remember the sense of being loved and accepted for who you were. You did not have to compete, or boast or win the admiration of the other. It was just that you were in love! Some of us have chemical reactions – we go all gooey! We stutter our words. Love is an amazing thing. Do you remember on those occasions you wanted to see each other – you could not be a moment without the other!

God speaks through the prophet in a powerful way. He asks his bride Israel a question; “Do you remember?” Do you remember when we first met? Do you remember when I first called you by name? Do you remember when I carried you through your times of slavery into the place of freedom? God says do you remember. He replies, “I remember”. God remembers…he remembers everything

God remembers…God remembers when their was such devotion of youth. He remembers how faithful, dedicated, loyally committed Israel was as a youth. God remembers how he was loved as a bride cherishes her husband. God remembers how Israel followed the ways of righteousness, being led by the hand, in a land unsown. God remembers how Israel placed her hands in the loving guidance of her God. God remembers the devotion of religion and true worship, the sacrifices and fruit of their labors. God remembered when he provided for Israel good fruits and the taste of good things… but they forgot. Israel forgot God.

The heavens shuddered at this forgetfulness, this rebellion, this ignorance. The heavens are amazed that humanity should forget such wonders of our God. What have we forgotten? God speaks of two evils. Firstly, we have forsaken God, the source of living waters. Israel abandoned their first love, forsaken God and embraced false idols –the following of Baal. God himself was the one who gave them life-giving power. He is the source of their life and blessings. This first evil is rebellion. Secondly, they dug cisterns, (watertight plaster to hold water). By their fellowship with the pagan gods they have taken to broken cisterns, those false idols that cannot provide life abundantly and unfailing. This second evil is called idolatry

We have forgotten God. Where is faithfulness today, where is devotion today to the Living God. Have we forgotten him who has created us, redeemed us and given us life and blessings? Have you forgotten the devotion and of your youth towards God?
We too have strayed from the living fountain, the Water of life of Gods Sprit. Let us find in him our life and love

Lord, help me remember the love I had towards you in the youth of my conversion. I devote myself to keeping your commandments and loving you. I have followed worthless things. You are my treasure. You are my life. You are my God. Amen