1 Jn 2: 22-28 St Jhon reminds us that to follow Christ is to “remain in him.” What does this mean? I think it means that we daily acknowledge that apart from God we are helpless; apart from the work of grace in our lives we are unable to properly fulfill our Christian calling. This truth is important for every disciple of Jesus to embrace as without it we will become distracted form the core calling of our lives – to live, move and have our being through the person of Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit, you have been sent to lead and guide me in the truth. Help me to never stray from the path of a disciple of Jesus and to always find my life in and through him.

Jn 1: 19-28 There is no use pretending to be someone whom we are not! Many people live frustrated lives because of their unwillingness to accept the reality of who they are and spend all their energy and effort trying to become someone who they can never be! This should never be the case with a Christian. God knew what he was doing when he created us and he still knows what he is doing at whatever stage of life we may find ourselves. Let us trust in his wisdom and seek to build upon it by embracing the gifts and talents he has given us and developing them all to their fullest!

Holy Spirit, Help me to embrace the person whom God has created me to be. Let me accept my gifts and talents, limited though they may be, and use what I have and who I am to further the work of the Kingdom of God as best I can.