Sometimes it is much easier for us to know the truth than to actually put that knowledge into action – just as in today’s Gospel Jesus tells the crowds to listen to what the Scribes and Pharisees teach them, but do not follow their example. The journey from knowledge of the truth to living it out in our daily lives can be a very long path to walk indeed!

It is important for us to realise that as human beings God has created each of us according the truth of our human nature ands when we fail to live according to this truth – when we transgress the human moral code – we place our lives outside the protection of His laws. It is not that God wants to control our lives; it is much the same as when we buy something from the shops if we have any sense we will read the instructions before using it to ensure that we use it properly and do not just break it because we fail to follow the maker’s instructions! Whether we like it or not there is no way that we can separate ourselves from the fact that we are created beings! None of us has brought our own self into existence by an act of our own! Therefore, the wise and sensible person will always seek to discover the intention of the creator in order to seek the fulfilment that is proper to our lives.

Too many people, in rebellion to authority that they refuse to even consider to understand, are placing their lives on a path to destruction ands once this is done the way back is not an easy one. God has given us the freedom to choose how we live our lives, let us use this freedom wisely and well by choosing to live by our Maker’s instructions: seeking Him daily in prayer; reading the Scriptures and seeking to apply them to our lives and seeking out the Gospel truths of morality and placing our lives in submission to them! This is the only way to true fulfilment and happiness – any other path we choose to follow will end inevitably in disappointment and pain. God’s love for us is the perfect reason why we should be willing to obey His commandments for our lives.

Where am I seeking fulfilment at this moment in my life? Do I tend to look to God and His will for fulfilment or is my mind and heart distracted by many other things?

Lord Jesus, you have given me an example of what happens when someone is completely obedient to the will of the Father. Help me to learn from your life that true fulfilment comes only when I place my life fully in the hands of my loving God.