Sometimes the ways in which sin works in our lives are very insidious. Before we realize it, we seem to have given our allegiance to something that we never intentionally meant to. We see it in today’s Gospel. The attitude of the Jews in the synagogue is not deliberately anti-life. However, through various accretions and practices that have developed over the centuries, the particular interpretation of the Law that they are living by has developed a certain lack of respect for life in particular situations.

This sort of thing is also evident in our culture today. The ever-increasing abortion rate and the general acceptance of this practice is quite alarming! No one would say that they are anti-life, but to accept abortion as a legitimate practice is exactly that! Abortion is the act of directly intervening in the development of a human life such that that life comes to an end. There is no doubt in my mind that this is an ant-life act!

How else have our minds and hearts been affected by the ways and thinking of our secular world? How do we protect ourselves from having our moral values slowly eroded by sin, the flesh, the world and the devil? The only real way to protect a value is to live it and promote it in every opportunity that comes your way. It is like the Gospel itself. Either you believe in it or you do not! If you really believe in it, you will share it with everyone you can. If the Gospel is just that book that sits on your shelf and is never opened, the way of life of the Gospel will eventually disappear from your life as well.

If you want a gift to grow then use it. Gifts from God are like the muscles in your body. The more you use them the stronger they get. If they are left idle they atrophy and waste away to nothing. Just as exercising your body is important to its health, so too is exercising your faith, what you believe, essential to the strengthening of your relationship with God.

What are some of the practices in my life that are not really in accordance with Gospel values? How did they get there? What can I do to try to get rid of them? Do I want to get rid of them!?

Holy Spirit, help me to decide what is essential to my life and what is not. Give me the courage to place my spiritual wellbeing over and above my physical comfort and pleasures.