This is the great refrain for Advent – prepare ye the way of the Lord! What should it mean for us? There are many things we can draw from this refrain. The simplest is that we all have a role in preparing the way for Jesus to come again, whether that be, in our own hearts, the hearts of others or his Second Coming. This is all a part of the spirituality of advent as we prepare to celebrate the first coming of Christ in the Incarnation.


As we prepare for Christmas let us realize that Christ wants to make a difference in our lives and take us on a deeper journey into our faith and so reveal himself more deeply to each one of us. It is not so much a matter of us doing anything other than giving Jesus the opportunity to come into a deeper relationship with us all. Part of our preparation should be repentance and clearing away the sin and clutter in our lives so that we can recognize him more clearly when he comes and are better able to respond because we have rid ourselves of the negativity of sin. The same is true as we work with and encourage others to welcome Christ more deeply into our lives.


The third way is somewhat mysterious and really is more of a reminder that God will eventually bring this present order to an end when he comes again in glory. However, there is an immediate consequence to this in that we are all called to share in the work of preparing for that day by working for the spread of the Gospel throughout the world. One of the phrases the Scriptures, and now with the Third Typical English Translation of the Mass, uses is, ‘we await the Blessed Hope.” This phrase is indicative of our belief that it is through the Second Coming of Jesus that all Christian Hope is fulfilled. We should remember that Christian hope is never wishful thinking but the sure knowledge that God will one day fulfill all his promises.


It is the Holy Spirit who will lead and guide us in preparing the way for Jesus to take us deeper in our faith journeys.


How am I working to prepare for the Lord to come more deeply in my life, the life of others and in fact in his Second Coming to judge all creation?


Holy Spirit, show me the sin of which I need to repent and help me to surrender more fully in obedience to following the path God has for my life.