Gal 2: 1-2. 7-14 Paul establishes that he credentials to be a spokesman of the Gospel comes through his introduction to the apostles through Barnabas. He then proceeds to affirm that he has chastised the apostles for the hypocrisy in their way of life in falling back into Jewish understandings of the law and failing to recognize the fullness of the new way of life to which the Gospel calls us all. This is always a danger for the Church who must always look forward to the new demands of preaching the Gospel while remaining faithful to those traditions that are essential to its character.

Holy Spirit, help the leaders of the Church to always be like the wise steward who knows how to balance the new with the old. May we never lose the ability to speak in a manner that meets the needs of our audience.

Lk 11: 1-4 Prayer is an essential aspect of a disciple’s life. We cannot allow prayer to be crowded out of our lives with the busyness or business of ministry. This is a bedrock principle for a holy life! Holy men and women through the ages have always spent many hours a day in prayer to ensure that all that they are doing in their ministry comes form God and not just themselves. We should follow their example keeping in mind a very simple principle namely: the busier we are in the work of God’s Kingdom, the more time we should be spending in prayer!

Holy Spirit, help me to understand and act upon the principle that daily prayer is the one non-negotiable aspect of daily life.