Today is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. If we reflect upon the words of the prayer we Catholics call the “Hail Mary” we will discover that the first half of it is purely Scriptural and the second half is merely the request for Mary to pray for us in all of our neediness. I do not know how anyone, bible-believing Christian to the most left-wing or right-wing Catholic could have any problems with such a prayer!

It is not obligatory for Catholics to pray the Rosary, but again, if we have such a great and powerful intercessor waiting to place our prayers before Jesus, her son, why wouldn’t we avail of such an offer? It seems to me that all the logic in the world points to it being a good idea for us to pray the Rosary and use Mary as an intercessor. There are many other arguments I could make in favour of this thesis including an analysis of the text in John’s Gospel where Jesus commends Mary to the care of the apostle John and him to her.

There are many examples in history where victory over disease, invading armies etc has been attributed to the intercession of Our Lady. This further bolsters our cause! As we reflect today on the place of the Rosary in our lives and families let us try to remember these things and so be encouraged to seek the intercession of Mary in our lives. We often ask others to pray for us as they ask us to pray for them. If we want something often the first place we turn is to our mothers, especially if it means getting our father’s permission! Maybe we can put in place a similar strategy when we are seeking spiritual graces from our Father in Heaven. Of course, there is nothing stopping us going straight to the Father, Jesus or the Holy Spirit, but sometimes we might feel more comfortable knowing we have Mary as an intercessor at our side.

Mary interceded to Jesus for the couple who ran out of win at their wedding. I am sure she will look as kindly upon our requests, provided of course they truly reflect Gospel principles and the will of God for our lives.

When was the last time I prayed the Rosary? Do I think there is a place for the Rosary in my life?

Holy Spirit, help me to make full use of the intercessory offer of Mary and all of the saints in heaven as I seek to do the will of God in my life.