When we read the same story in the Gospel of Mark, we are told the man is rich and he is a ruler. In other words, he is quite in a position of authority and wealthy. He possesses many things, and now he wants possess eternal life. The young man is keen to be on the right side, he has done all things well but he feels he is lacking. Jesus knows the one thing he lacks – detachment of heart. To possess this is the way of entering into eternal life, according to Jesus.
It seems strange that for one who has all things he is lacking still. The trouble with this person is that he possesses many things that the world portrays as good, yet is far from his life in God. God is pleased with him still. He keeps the commandments. I am sure he is good living person, morally and civilly. Yet he is lacking the very thing that does not possess him, In fact you might say that his possessions are in possession of himself rather than him being in control of his possessions.
Notice the response of the man. Jesus gives him the answer to his questions, yet he walks away sad. Does this mean he is not willing to give up his possessions? On the other hand, does he now realize what kind of a stronghold he has with these material possessions? Why is he sad? Should not he be rejoicing at having found the answer to life? Matthew tells us that he departed the presence of Jesus in sadness because his possessions were many. Perhaps he was not willing to give them away. There were too many to give away.
Do you want to enter eternal life? You perhaps like the young man in the gospel are doing all the right things. You keep the commandments, you act in charity, you love the Lord, but what is the one thing you lack. What is your possession? What is the one thing you will not give away, because if you do you will fear being sad? Jesus is telling us to be detached. The very thing that holds us is possessing us to the point that we fear of letting it go. Yes, it will be hard to let go but we must understand the joy and liberation we will have once we are detached

What are my possessions? What are the things I hold dear and find it hard to let go?

Lord, I rejoice in the gift of eternal life given me. Help me to live, as you want me to, holding nothing back but surrendering all things to you. Amen