2 Sm 15: 13-14. 30; 16: 5-13 It does not matter how right you are or how good you may be at a particular task, it always seems that there will be some people who refuse to be friends and accept you in your role. These can even be family members and not just ‘natural’ enemies. David, despite his overall success, has many enemies including one son! The troubles and trials of the struggle for power and influence are there even in religious realms.

Jesus, you were despised by so many because you upheld the truth at all costs, even that of your life. Give me the grace to focus on remaining true to my calling and help me avoid focusing upon other incidental matters.

Mk 5: 1-20 Poor pigs! What had they done to deserve being driven into a lake? The Jews do not eat pork so perhaps another question might be, “Why are there pigs in this area in the first place?” Perhaps there were financial considerations – we are not told. However, the people were concerned about Jesus’ presence due to the loss of the pigs. Perhaps this indicates that they were more focused upon making money than on adherence to the Jewish way of life.

Jesus, help me to avoid material distractions that will hinder the growth and development of my faith in you.