Jesus does not have many complimentary things to say about the Pharisees in today’s Gospel. He labels them as blind guides. This is not good! How can someone who is blind guide another person. The simple as is they should not have this task at all. And that is precisely the point of Jesus here. Any leader needs to have a very clear vision of where he or she is leading their flock or else they are a disaster waiting to happen!


Jesus often comes into confrontation with Pharisees concerning their leadership as they have become distracted from the right path. They are often more concerned with their own welfare and what is in it for them, rather than leading the people to God. This for Jesus is travesty of justice as the very thing that the Pharisees say they are good at is what they fail comprehensively to do. Let us always pray that our leaders never fall into this trap, namely the trap of getting caught up in the minutiae of legal interpretations of the Law and missing the whole point of it as a consequence.


Our faith is ultimately a relationship with Jesus or it is nothing at all! Our faith needs to be always focused on the strengthening of that relationship through living out the demands of the Gospel and sharing the Good News of salvation with others. These two things are very good measures of whether or not our focus in life is right. It is critical that we remember to stop once in a while and ask ourselves whether or not we are straying from these two goals.


Jesus challenges the Pharisees to look beyond their own personal concerns for status in the eyes of the world and comfort as concerns their way of life. The same is true for us. These things do not really matter – what matters is that we are growing in love for and service of Jesus and the Gospel.


Jesus, help me to keep my eyes firmly fixed on you. May I always be able to see through the lies and deceptions of the world and treasure my love for you and my service of your Gospel.