1 Pt 4: 7-13     Peter sees the opportunity to suffer for the Gospel as a blessing as it means we are being conformed to the life of Christ who suffered for us for our salvation. This gives us the basis for a Christian understanding of suffering that is very different to that of the world. We need to ensure that we incorporate this understanding into our dealings with suffering in order to be faithful to all that God has given us. In this way we will be faithful to the fullness of the revelation that comes through Christ our redeemer.

Jesus, you suffered for us that we might be reconciled to the Father. Open my mind to embrace a true understanding of the role of suffering in the Christian life.

Ps 96: 10. 11-12. 13

Mk 11: 11-26 Jesus cleanse the Temple of the market sellers etc in order to make the statement that there is a time and place for everything, but the Temple is not the place for business dealings to be done! The Temple is a place of worship and we should ensure that it is kept that way. The Church today has to be careful that it does not allow the celebration of the sacraments to become profaned with the talk of money. Yes, money is needed to maintain the Church and its works but this need ought to be instilled in the minds and hearts of the faithful such that the message does not conflict with the celebration of the sacraments.

Lord Jesus, help me to be generous in the way I support the Church and all her works. I pray that I will never begrudge the Church my support.