Gal 3: 1-5 The uncomplimentary nature of Paul’s language here indicates the depth of his feeling about this matter. He is furious with the ‘stupidity’ of those Galatians who are going back to the understanding of salvation as something they can earn through their own efforts. Objectively speaking he is totally correct, however, perhaps he might be better off expressing his displeasure in less stark terms as he has done. Maybe he has tried this and it did not work and so he has taken his language to the next level. We cannot know. Anyway, at least we know how he feels about such actions!

Jesus, never allow me to fall back into a life of sin so that I will always move forward in faith and never backwards.

Lk 11: 5-13 Jesus is encouraging us to persevere in all that we know is right and hopefully we will receive what we want in the end. This is dependent upon our dealing with right-minded people at the end as well. This is one of the constant challenges of a life of faith – persevering in what we know to be true and right. There is no guarantee, because of the nature and prevalence of sin that others are going to respond in a righteous or holy manner, but this is never an excuse for doing wrong.

Jesus, you never gave up on the will of your Father. You persevered through your passion and death to the glory of the resurrection. Help me to follow your example.