I do not think there are many of us, if any at all, who would not accept the fullness of the Spirit if it were offered to us. Do you agree with this? Well, the truth is that we have all been given, not just offered the fullness of the Spirit at our Baptism. When we are baptized we potentially enter into the fullness of the Spirit. The way we access the fullness of the Spirit is through faith. Each of us must make a choice concerning the way we live our lives – whether for Jesus or against him. If it is the former then the Spirit is there for us to draw upon as we seek to live the life of a disciple.

It is good for us to reflect upon the experience of the apostles as it is here that we can see the stark contrast between life with and life without the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit the apostles are a bunch of scared men who are not even willing to venture outside the room they are in – in fact they are so scared of the Jews that they have even locked the doors! Once they receive the Holy Spirit they are willing to stand up in the market place and proclaim the Gospel to anyone who is willing to listen; they are willing to disregard the demands of the authorities to cease their work of evangelization; they are ready to go to their deaths rather than renounce their faith in Jesus Christ!

If these two descriptions of before and after are the poles of a continuum, I wonder where you and I stand on that continuum, near the end marked by the scared apostles or the end where they are willing to be martyred for their faith. Most likely we are somewhere in the middle. Wherever we are at the moment, we need to be moving toward the evangelizing end of the continuum. This is the state of a disciple’s life that should be appealing to us, and inspiring us to go deeper in our faith walk with Jesus. It Is this sort of attitude to our faith that will make us witnesses to the Gospel that the world will be unable to ignore!

Do I have a heart for evangelization or am I timid when it comes to proclaiming the Gospel to others?

Jesus, grant me the grace to overcome the reluctance in my heart and my fear of men – the fear of standing out in a crowd, so that I will become a great evangelist for you and the Kingdom of God.