Passion or Palm Sunday is one of the great days of celebration in the liturgy of the Church. Here we acclaim Jesus as Lord and King as he is triumphantly welcomed into the holy city of Jerusalem. How ironic and strange that a few days later we remember that it is the same city that will be crying out for his death when offered the choice between a criminal and Jesus to be freed from prison! It is amazing how quickly sentiment can change for the worse!

As we begin our pilgrimage following Jesus in his passion and death today, let us open our hearts to the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit and seek conversion for those areas of our lives that are yet to be brought fully under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Jesus did not die in vain! He died in order that the power of sin over our lives be broken, and in breaking the power of sin, he gives us the power and ability to live as sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven. The readings of the liturgies for the coming week will lead us to reflect upon the nature of this liberation and how it is wrought through the humility and obedience of the Son of God.

The people of Jerusalem were right to acclaim Jesus as king as he entered their city. It is right and proper for each of us to acclaim him as Lord of our lives and welcome him into our hearts. However, this cannot be just a passing sentiment, it has to become the basis upon which we build our life of discipleship. The Holy Spirit will help us to make this truth a reality in our lives but he cannot work in a vacuum! We must decide every day and probably many times every day that Jesus is Lord of our lives and then act upon this truth.

Let us seek the grace of perseverance in our lives of discipleship so that we will keep on fighting for our faith and all that is true until the day we are called to our heavenly inheritance. Let us not allow our lives to be ‘blown to and fro’ by the winds of this world but stand firm in our faith in Jesus Christ!

Do I tend to ‘follow the crowd’ when it comes to issues of faith and morals, or do I have the strength to stand up for what I know to be the truth.

Holy Spirit, help me to stand always as a witness to the truth and a light to the world as to what the Gospel demands of us as disciples of Jesus.