Gal 1: 13-24 Paul does not hide the errors of his past life when proclaiming the Gospel. In fact he uses them to his own advantage by illustrating the stark difference between the old way of life and the new that the grace of God can cause. Let us be as cunning as Paul in the way we proclaim the Gospel so that we will do whatever it takes to convince people of the truth of the Gospel and the power it has to change our lives for the better.

Holy Spirit, help me to embrace the fullness of the grace of the Gospel so that my life, and in particular the contrast of the before and after of conversion, will stand as a powerful witness to the ability of the grace of God to transform our lives.

Lk 10: 38-42 Life is a balance between activity and contemplation. There are very few people who are either a hundred percent of one or the other. It is thus important for each of us to discover the right balance of the two for us. There is no point in trying to be someone we are not because we think it might be better to be that! God’s grace and will is at work in each of our lives – the best thing for us is to discover it and cooperate with it as best we can.

Holy Spirit, open my heart to the will of God so that I might discover the best journey of faith for me. Help me to find the right balance between being and doing in this journey.