Any good commentary on Luke’s Gospel will identify 9:51 as the turning point in the ministry of Jesus. It is from here on until His Passion that Jesus begins is journey towards Jerusalem. He steadfastly begins this journey well aware that it is in Jerusalem that many of the prophets suffered under at the hands of the Jewish authorities. Jesus is aware that He too will suffer, but His Father’s will is of more importance to Him than the prospect of suffering, indeed Jesus probably knows that it is through His suffering and death that the Father’s love will triumph over sin and death in the resurrection.


As we meditate upon the decision of Jesus to embrace His Father’s will unto death, it is good for us to realize that we are also called to this same commitment. As disciples of Jesus we are to follow where He leads and since His path is a path to the cross, we know that this is where we are going as well. The nature of the cross for us may or may not be different to the experience of Jesus. The one thing that is sure is that being obedient to God’s will is not going to be an easy task all of the time.


In is journey to the cross, Jesus is not interested in avenging Himself against those who reject His message of salvation as is indicated by His refusal to allow James and John to destroy their villages. Jesus has a far more important task in is mind. Perhaps the reason why Jesus rebukes James and John for their desire to destroy the villages of the unbelievers is that they have allowed themselves to be distracted from the task at hand. All revenge seeking is a distraction, as the proper response to rejection is a continued love for the other party in an attempt to win them over to the truth of the Gospel.


Let us pray that our commitment to the Kingdom of God will be as unswerving as tat of Jesus and that the witness of our lives in this regard will draw others to submit their lives to the Good News of their salvation.


Do I tend to be easily distracted from the immediate goal at hand in my life? How can I learn to strengthen my resolve to se a particular task through to its completion without allowing external forces to lead me astray?


Lord Jesus, you head a steely resolve when it cam to doing the will of your Father. Strengthen my will and resolve to be obedient to your word so that at the end of my life I will be able to look back at my life and see that I have accomplished all that you asked me to do.