1 Jn 4: 19 -– 5: 4 St John is crystal clear that hatred for another person is never a part of the Christian way of life. Hatred is totally antithetical to the way of life of Christian and thus we must strive to overcome even our dislike for others lest it grow into hatred. Let us be aware that no matter how much we may disapprove of what another person has done, this never gives us a right to hate the person. Yes, hate the sin, but love the sinner. This is the way of God and so it should be our way as well. There is no room for exceptions to this principle!

Holy Spirit, help me to overcome all dislike and hatred I have for others so that I will learn to love them instead.

Lk 4: 14-22 Jesus knows who he is and he is aware of the mission in front of him. How well do we know ourselves? How aware are we of the call God places upon our lives? It is always important to be opening our hearts to God’s love and word so that he can reveal these two aspects of the life of a disciple to us. It is imperative that we never seek to live the Christian life alone as we are doomed to failure if we try it this way. Let us not make grandiose plans for the ways in which we will serve God; likewise, let us no limit what we expect of him in our lives.

Holy Spirit, help me to be open and faithful to God’s word in my life and to accept his will whatever it may happen to be for me.