This is a brilliant piece of theology that Paul now presents to us. Sometimes the focus of the interpretation of this text is the sin of Adam. However, I do not believe this is the intention of Paul. Yes, we all share in the sin of Adam, referred to as Original Sin, however, there is something much more powerful at work in our lives, the grace of Jesus Christ! Yes, original sin and its after-effect, concupiscence that remains after baptism, have a certain power. But the power available to us through the cross of Jesus Christ is much, much greater. Thanks be to God, for without it our lives would be a complete and utter mess.

Twice Paul states that the power available through Jesus is greater than that in the sin of Adam. The grace of Jesus’ life is victorious over the death of Adam’s sin. Do we really believe this. If we really believed it , why do we sin?!! We no longer have any excuses left to give explanation for our sinfulness. Jesus has given us victory over sin and death and thus we can live by this grace if we choose to do so.

The big question that remains to be answered is: are we ready to give up the sin that is a part of our life? Having become comfortable with sin, as is evidenced by any bad habits that we have developed we need to make a break with the ways and pleasures of sin and embrace a new way of living. A way of living that is righteous and according to the mind and will of God. Are we ready to do this?

This is a wonderful passage of Scripture to meditate upon because it clearly conveys to us the utter victory that Jesus has won for us and freely gives to us through faith. Paul vividly describes the power of sin and then dismisses it with the mention of the grace of Jesse Christ. He can do this so well because he has had his life personally transformed by the power of Christ’s grace already. He knows it because he ahs opened up his life to God and experienced the power of the Holy Spirit changing his life.

Are I ready to open my life to the transforming power of the grace of God? what holds me back from fully surrendering my life to Jesus? Victory over sin will only come with total and unconditional surrender to Jesus.

Holy Spirit, lead me down the path of total and unconditional surrender. Help me not to hold anything back from God so that God can truly transform me into His own image.