Jesus turns to Peter and tells him that he is the rock upon which the Church will be built. More precisely, it is the faith of Peter upon which the life of the Church will be based. Likewise for each of us, our faith will be the basis of our life in Christ. This is very important for us to realize as remembering this truth can be very helpful when confronting the struggles that will inevitably arise in our lives.

Let me explain: When we acknowledge that our lives are built on faith it leaves a certain amount of room for the role of ‘mystery’ in the understanding of our faith. This is important because it can help us deal with situations that are beyond our limited understanding of the will and wisdom of God. How do we understand the death of a small child be a part of the will of God. Well, there is an element of mystery in it! This is not to say that it is totally incomprehensible, but it does admit that there are things that happen in our lives that we will never fully understand. This is not a ‘cop out!’ It is simply recognizing a simple truth of our existence. We simply do not have the capacity or ability to understand the fullness of the wisdom of God.

Our minds are such that we can know whether something can be reasonably ascribed to the will of God. This is not to say that we have to understand everything associated with that particular event. We can, however, say that God’s hand was mysteriously involved in that event working to bring about good for all those who were involved in the event. Sometimes our understanding of the meaning of certain events increases as time passes so that we can look back on our lives and see God’s hand at work in a way that we were unable to see it as the events were unfolding. Again, here is something of the mystery of God’s will at work in our lives.

How often do I wonder what on earth it is that God is doing in my life? There is nothing wrong with this, however, we must allow our wonder to lead us to a deeper faith through the mystery of God’s will rather than into doubt and disillusionment with the work of God in our lives.

Father in Heaven, help me to understand the mystery of your will in my life. Teach me how to accept the mystery of your will with joy and peace and to embrace it with a trust that I will understand what I need to understand in order to remain faithful to you.