OF COURSE I DO!            Mt 8:1-4

The leper approaches Jesus with only one doubt in his mind. It is not a doubt concerning Jesus’ ability or power to heal but a doubt whether or not Jesus will choose to heal him. This doubt is quickly washed away by Jesus’ accession to the leper’s request for healing. What are the doubts we have concerning our faith in Jesus? Does the fact that Jesus heals the leper and erases his, the leper’s doubt, do anything to remove these doubts from our minds?

I think it is very important for us to remember that God desires that we all be saved. Using this as a foundation premise we ought to be able to address many of the doubts that may come up in our spiritual lives concerning what God will and will not desire to do for us. This does not mean that God will make life easy for us and remove all temptation and suffering. This would remove any sense of our being able to make choices contrary to his will and thus make a mockery of freedom in our lives.

Human freedom, in one sense, can be seen as the precondition for human suffering in that suffering is a result of sin – human rebellion against the will of God. Thus, while God desires the best for us, he also allows us the freedom to choose against him! This shows us the true nature of love in that it does not compel or force another to do one’s will. True love is always an invitation to return the love offered to another.

In the Gospel Jesus reaches out in love to the leper and heals him. It is now up to the leper to demonstrate his love for Jesus with the response he makes with his life. The same is true for each of us. We can know for certain that if something is necessary for our salvation then Jesus will do it for us – indeed, has already accomplished it on the cross. What more could we really ask for than this? Yet God continues to pour out his blessings upon us in abundance. He will not let us forget his love for us.
If we entertain doubts as to his love for us let us start by meditating on the Cross of Jesus and see what we can gain from that; then we can look at the gift of life he has given us; then family, friends etc.

When I reflect on all God has done for me, does this dispel any doubts I have as to his love for me? If it does not, why do I think I still do not experience his love?

Jesus, give me the grace to see your love in my life everyday so that I will not doubt your presence in my life.