There is no other way of approaching life than by taking one step at a time. This means facing and making the necessary decisions when they arise in our lives. Just like a seed, each of our lives is full of enormous potential – at any given time it is impossible to know exactly what lies ahead of an individual. This also means that each one of us has the responsibility to make something of our lives. Our potential will not be realized unless we are willing to work hard at developing it into the fully-grown, fruit-bearing tree we are meant to be.

Each time we make a moral decision we set ourselves along a particular path. With each decision we open new doors of potentiality and close others forever. When a person chooses their spouse it is a life-long decision. This is usually the case when it comes to a career or vocation as well. It is not wrong to shut out various options so long as one is committed to living out other ones. Of course, we are talking here about morally good choices. It is NEVER right to deliberately choose a course of action that we know to be sinful or just the wrong option for us.

It is also usually a waste of time and energy to sit around and rue mistakes or lost opportunities. When we make a mistake we need to learn from it and get on with moving forward. When a tree is pruned it usually responds by vigorously throwing out new shoots to replace the ones that it has lost. Lets us decide to be like this – living a life of few if any regrets and soldiering on to the end in order to present to God on Judgment Day a life which has borne much fruit.

This is a possibility for each of us if we faithfully seek to develop our potential gifts and talents under the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit. If we go about it on our own we are destined to have lives full of failures and frustrations. If we live according to the Spirit of God I am certain that our lives will be much more satisfying and we will have a much greater assurance of our eternal salvation. Sometimes our lives may seem to be going nowhere. This is natural. There are times when we will experience famine and the desert. Persevere in times like these and believe that a change is just around the corner.

Am I aware of the potential within me to offer something in the mission of the Kingdom of God? This is the truth. All you have to do is discover your particular call.

Lord Jesus, you did not allow temptation to deflect you from your mission. You kept your eyes fixed upon the specific task that your Father had given you. Grant me the grace of a similar single-mindedness as I seek to be your disciple.