I always enjoy a visit to a farm as it never ceases to amaze me how committed the farmer has to be to keeping his farm in order so that it will produce enough goods to sustain his family. This reminds me of my spiritual life and the constant need for ongoing conversion and renovation so that it does not grow stale and uninteresting.

Our spiritual lives need constant care and attention lest we fall into a rut and begin to go backwards in our faith. The one and only way of making sure that you do not go backwards is to keep moving forwards. It is easy to judge whether or not a tree is bearing fruit. Have a look and see if there is any and taste them if there is! The same is true of our Christian lives. If we are bearing good fruit it will be easily evident to those around us that this is the case. If not, it will be equally evident!

What we have to do is ensure that we are nourishing our spiritual lives just as a farmer has to see to it that there is sufficient water and nutrients for his crop, or feed for his livestock. Failure to do this will result in a poor return or even ruin when the time for harvest comes. There will be a time of harvest for us as well! On the Last Day, we will all stand before God to give an account of our lives and the fruit that we have or have not born e for the Kingdom of God. Reflecting upon this time of judgment can be a useful form of motivation for us! Sometimes we need the proverbial ‘kick in the pants’ to motivate us to do our duty even towards ourselves!

It is never a waste of time to step aside every now and then and reflect upon where our lives are going and whether or not there are things we should change. A good farmer is always assessing the worth of the practices he employs when farming to see if there is a cheaper, better or more efficient way of achieving his goal. We should not be afraid to do the same; after all we are talking about eternal life here!

Let us look to the Holy Spirit for inspiration and leadership in this area of our lives.

When was the last time you took a few days off and devoted them to renewal of your spiritual life? This is a good practice to do at least once a year.

Lord Jesus, you often drew aside to spend time in prayer. Help me to be committed to the ongoing nature of conversion in my life. Help me to find the necessary time to draw aside with you and to reassess the priorities in my life according to your criteria.