When Abraham responded to what he perceived as God’s call upon his life a watershed in human history was initiated. Prior to Abraham’s response humanity’s concept of god was not personal. The gods were impersonal realities that somehow gave rise to the cyclical nature of life. That is, there was nothing new in life; it was always just the same thing one day after another, one cycle following the previous one. Thus was the human understanding of life – at times there was plenty and at other times famine; one season there is peace and the next there is war. The one certain thing was that the cycles would complete themselves some time or another.

With Abraham’s response to a Word or Call from God a new dimension begins in human consciousness, the concept of history. In entering into a personal relationship with God, human history is concretized – there is now a measurable beginning to something new! This new reality is marked by God’s commitment to Abraham and vice versa. The Sumerian people with whom Abraham lived before he ventured off to new horizons must have thought that he was completely crazy. Abraham had a comfortable life and now he is going to leave all of that and go and live like a primitive nomad! This is insanity!

Yet this is what faith in God is all about. It marks a new and, to the world, crazy form of existence. Abraham is an example to us of what it means to totally entrust our lives into the hands and will of God. Even today the world thinks that those of us who do this are crazy! Things have not changed much over 4000 years! God’s call is still the same and we seem to go up and down like a roller coaster in our endeavor to live lives of faith.

The fundamental aspect of God’s call relates to our willingness to entrust our lives into His hands. Are we willing to surrender all to His will and trust that He has our best interests at heart? Will we become His disciples and follow the path He sets before us or will we allow our own desires and wills to dictate to us the paths that we walk?

The lives of Abraham, the Patriarchs, the Prophets, the Saints and the millions of men and women who have preceded us in the life of faith give eloquent testimony to the beauty and sense of a life lived according to God’s will. Will we listen to their witness? Will we respond as generously as they did?

To what degree do I consider the will of God for my life when making important decisions? Am I law unto myself or do I live for the Kingdom of God?

Jesus, you entrusted everything to your Father’s will in being obedient unto death on the cross. Help me to draw strength from your example and thus willingly allow my own will to be put to death in favor of your will.