The Israelites’ lives are being threatened by the Amalekites. It seems that the Israelites have the ascendancy in the battle only while Moses keeps his hands raised. When he allows them to fall, the Amalekites begin to get the upper hand. Therefore Aaron and Hur stand to either side of Moses to help him in holding up his hands. Eventually the Israelites are the victors. What lesson can we learn from this apart from the need to be ready to help one another if we can?

In order to be able to help someone they must first be willing to accept that help! If we are so hardheaded that we have to do everything on our own and in our own way then we are not far from trouble. It is only a matter of time before we are faced with a problem that is too big for us to handle on our own. There needs to be an element of humility in our lives so that there is openness to assistance both human and divine. Without this openness we are destined to fail.

The other side of the coin, so to speak, is presented to us in the Gospel. Here Jesus encourages us to persevere in what is right and we will eventually be vindicated. Exactly when and under what form we will be vindicated is left open, however, vindicated we will be! The widow persists in her righteous pleas for help from a corrupt judge and she eventually prevails. Despite the fact that she is powerless to force the issue in her own strength and also despite the fact that the judge is corrupt, she wins the day through her perseverance. There is surely a lesson for us all here!

So, between perseverance and humility the readings direct us in our relationship with God. The Second Reading is also helpful in this regard as it reminds us of the necessity to make a home in hearts for the Scriptures, the Word of God. If we are able to develop a good balance between these three aspects of the Christian journey we will be well on the way to reaching our goal of eternal life! I wish you all the best as you seek to continue to establish each of them in you hearts.

Which of the three aspects mentioned in the reflection am I the weakest in? How can I improve this part of my spiritual life?

Lord Jesus, you had a totally balanced relationship with your Father in Heaven. Help me to establish the right balance between self reliance and reliance upon your Holy Spirit.