The nature of Christian hope has a lot to do with the nature of faith. Hope is not just another kind of nebulous wish or desire. It is the firm belief that what God has promised us regarding salvation will be eventually brought to bear in our lives. There is no room for any doubt in the mind of the Christian regarding the promises that God has made to His People.

The basis of Paul’s understanding of hope comes from his understanding of the way that hope and faith worked in the life of Abraham. Abraham was childless and his wife was beyond the age of childbearing. However, God had promised to Abraham that he would be the father of many descendants. Abraham believed this promise and made it the basis for his life. This is the promise in which Abraham placed his hope. Today, modern humanity seems to be more and more placing its hope and faith in its own ability to solve the numerous problems in the world and in life in general.

It seems that this hope and faith is justified if we look at the great advances in science and technology over the last century. However, we must not lose sight of the place of God in our lives. We must also remember that the offer of the gift of eternal life is conditional upon our living according to His will and Laws. This means that any hope that we can place in science etc is always going to be subordinate to the greater imperative to put our faith and hope in God! If and when we forget this imperative, humanity’s abilities lose their proper perspective and we begin to walk down paths that will not be constructive in our search to better life here on earth.

If we rely only upon our own resources we are never going to achieve the end of eternal life. If we trust in God this is a possibility – nay, it is a sure hope! Let us never lose sight of the realities that are the basis of our faith so that we will never lose contact with God. With faith in God all things that are good for humanity are possible and even probable, however, apart from God and left only to our own devices … that will be a sure recipe for disaster!

What sort of hope do I have in God’s promise to me of eternal life? Do I really believe that this is God’s will for my life?

Lord Jesus, help me to live, believe and have faith in the sure hope of the gift of eternal life. Grant me the grace to entrust my life to this promise of yours and to always make my choices in life within its perspective.